You must have a valid ID to attend the panel.


You can purchase an ID Card at the local DMV office.


A $35.00 fee must be paid in CASH the night of the panel.


You must bring your own interpreter if one is needed.


No hats or caps allowed to be worn during the panel.


No books, backpacks or bags allowed.


No food or drinks allowed.


No children under the age of 12 years old.


An adult may attend with you at no charge.


You will not be allowed to leave once the panel has begun.





Victim Impact Panels offer a restorative approach to justice. Those who have been impacted by crime are able to speak out about their experiences; this helps them to heal and to help others. Those who have committed crimes are able to hear how their actions affect others and hopefully learn, through empathy, how to become accountable, prevent further harm, and change their behavior.





2nd Wednesdays in March & September

Baker County Court Room

Doors Unlock @ 6:30pm

1995 Third Street

Panel Begins @ 7:00pm

Baker City, OR 97814